Vision & Values

A Bold Vision

To ensure that all students from foster care achieve at levels equal to or better than their peers, and graduate with a wide range of possibilities for their future.

Values Driving Our Work

  • Child and Student-Centered. Make decisions guided by what is right for the child/ student, not the system. Each child, from pre-school through post-secondary, should have their assets, needs and dreams considered in educational decisions. Each student should have a strong, active voice in their own education and be able to drive their educational trajectory.
  • Rapid Learning Cycles. Dynamic team learning and the ability to make course-corrections in real-time. An unwavering focus on improving education outcomes to drive a continual cycle of process improvements. This approach will promote improvement for as many students from foster care as possible. Do. Learn. Evolve. Repeat.
  • Transparency. A strong commitment to share information among team members and key partners. Communicating successes and challenges with willingness to provide and receive feedback is a key to success. Sharing data among partners with a spirit of support and not judgment will produced desired effects
  • Empowerment. The responsibility to improve educational outcomes for students from foster care is shared by everyone involved in that student’s life. To achieve that end will require county-staff and their teams to keep the greater goal in mind and work together to solve problems. Providing the space to be direct when things are not working and offering solutions, all contribute to enhanced capacity for improvement.