Thursday, August 6: Youth Engagement Cross-County Learning Session
Stuart Foundation, 500 Washington St, 8th Fl, San Francisco, CA

This will be a half-day session focusing on overall strategies and approaches to meaningfully involving youth in our work. We will discuss effective ways to engage youth in the program/policy development as well as partnering with individual students to envision and set plans for realizing their futures.

Youth Ambassadors from FosterClub will play a leadership role in the discussion, providing insight from their personal experiences.

The learning session will be followed by a social event to celebrate your hard work and allow you time to visit socially with each other and the youth ambassadors. Lunch and dinner will be provided.

Please RSVP by Monday, July 20, 2015.

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 Youth Engagement Session 10:30AM - 3PM

 Social Event 3PM - 5PM

Please let us know your level of interest in the following topics by rating them 1 – 5 (5 being most interested in the topic):

Individual Youth Engagement

What are strategies to engage young people in their case planning, including plans for education?

How should we involve youth in IEPs and other plans for educational support services? What are strategies in engaging youth with developmental disabilities or behavioral issues?

What would trauma-informed engagement of a young person include?

Often times it's the testimony at a court hearing that makes the difference. What are the steps involved in making that happen? How do you keep those young people involved in a meaningful way after the hearing/meeting/etc.?

Youth Engagement in System Change

How can young people be engaged to educate policymakers?

How can young people be engaged to educate school personnel?

How can young people be engaged to raise public awareness, recruit volunteers, or educate community stakeholders?

How can young people be engaged to motivate and educate their peers (peer mentors or peer coaches)?

What are strategies to meaningfully engage youth representatives as active participants in large committees/meetings?

How can school districts engage young people in a meaningful way when creating local control accountability plans (LCAPs)?

How can we prepare adults/staff to work with young leaders with a professional approach?

How do we prepare young people to make meaningful contributions in situations where they likely could be the youngest person, often by many years?

What are the best ways to recruit former foster youth to participate on advisory councils/meetings?

How do we help youth and adults maintain boundaries? What are the considerations for ensuring a safe environment for participation?


If you have any questions, please email Genevieve Sublette at