Education Equals Partnership: 2014 Convening Follow-Up

Igniting the Power: Translating Ideas into Practice

Thank you for your time and thoughtful engagement at the Education Equals Partnership: 2014 Convening. As a Partnership, we are truly excited to expand the work of Education Equals across California and the nation, and to leverage the ideas, networks and policies that were discussed in Santa Monica.

The “Convening Follow-Up” pages provide you with a rich recap of the Convening presentations and discussions. We invite you to check out videos of the lead speakers who informed and inspired us, summaries of the Reflection Labs and Interactive Discussion Labs where so many great ideas were co-created and discussed, and valuable resource links and handouts that supplemented the discussions.

We started a powerful conversation at the Education Equals Partnership: 2014 Convening, and we hope you will join on the Community Discussion Board to turn the discussion into action.